The Photographer – Pamela Bloe

Before and during my sessions or weddings, I really love getting to know my clients, the big ones and the little ones. Maybe I’m too nosey at times or ask too many questions, but I feel it’s important for me to build a relationship with you so that you can trust me 100% to deliver images that you’ll be proud to show off!

So this page is where the tables are turned and where you get to know me!

I love my job, I treat every shoot like it was my own and I hope that passion is displayed in my work. I have fun every time I’m behind my camera and I want you to have just as much fun in front of it!

I’m more than just a photographer, but a daughter, sister, auntie, godmother, niece, cousin and friend too. My ‘people’ are the most important thing in my life. My nephew is the forever love of my life.

When I’m not behind my camera, I’ll either be found in my favourite place, Carrickfinn Beach, or in my car, driving somewhere, doesn’t really matter where sometimes, as long as I’m driving.

There is nothing more beautiful than the Donegal landscape we live in, so I love to be and shoot outdoors as often as I can.

Despite some of my friends describing me as stylish, a perfectionist & feminine and despite my love of fashion, shoes and makeup, I really am a tomboy at heart. I’ll climb fences, trees or stand in the middle of a river just to get THAT shot. Bring a vintage car or sports car to your shoot and I’m sold for sure!

I can’t live without music, red lipstick, tea, sunglasses or scarves!

Some of my ‘favourites’ are – animation, classic horror films, Washington DC, Alice in Wonderland, my dog Paddy, Lego, Morgan Freeman, Liverpool FC, Italy and donkeys!

I’m petrified of frogs & trains!

When I was younger I wanted to be a Garda, doctor, forensic scientist, marine biologist or an architect!

I can play the glockenspiel, speak a little Swahili and write short children’s stories I’ve never shown to anyone!

Some of the things I would still like to accomplish are – to learn how to co-drive in rallying, visit Australia, own an Audi, Climb Errigal, see a tennis match at Wimbledon and own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

My biggest inspiration is my Gramps. He gave me a cheque when I was starting out, I’ve never had to cash that cheque and still keep it with me until this day. He believed in me so I believed in me.

Probably the most random fact about me is that my most prized possession is a signed damaged wing of one of Colin Mcrae’s Subaru WRX.

And I do have a tendency to ramble on, both when I’m talking and writing, which I’ve just proved!

So to finish I’ll let my friends and clients do the talking for me, they describe me as ….

‘Bubbly, sincere, loving, kind, creative, quirky, loyal, professional and just a touch mad’

So if that’s the qualities you want in your photographer, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch so I can get to know you too!

Pamela Bloe Donegal wedding photographers

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